Book of Revelation Series 2 with Notes


Part 2 of Roger Legg’s detailed teaching through the book of Revelation.  This series covers chapters 12-20.  It is taught from a Finished Work/Christ Centered approach.  Perfect for Pastors, Sunday School teachers, Midweek service, Home groups, or Personal study.



Over the course of three years Roger Legg taught the Book of Revelation.  Series 2 covers his teachings from chapter 12 to chapter 20. There are 46 audio lessons with notes.  This series looks at the Book of Revelation from a Finished Work – Christ Centered approach.  Here is the Outline for Series 2:

  1. Chapter 12 “A woman clothed with the SON”
  2. Chapter 13 “The two beasts: The Religious and The Worldly systems”
  3. Chapter 14 “Christ in the perfected company (144,000)”
  4. Chapter 15 “Those who stand on the sea of glass”
  5. Chapter 16 “The Seven bowls of blood, a perfect punishment in Christ”
  6. Chapter 17 “Mystery Babylon, a mysterious city no more”
  7. Chapter 18 “Babylon is judged in Christ”
  8. Chapter 19 “Christ riding on a white horse”
  9. Chapter 20 “The Millennium”

This entire series with notes will be mailed on a flash drive to you. Shipping included in the cost.