Book of Revelation Series 1 with Notes



51 Messages covering chapters 1-11 of the Book of Revelation with Notes.  This is a Finished Work-Christ Centered view of the Revelation. Perfect for pastors, Sunday school teachers, home groups or personal study.



Recorded over 3 years this is part 1 of Roger Legg’s chapter by chapter study through the book of Revelation.  Series 1 covers chapters 1-11.  It features a “Christ-centered, Finished Work” view of the book.  There are 51 audio sermons in this series with notes. This series is perfect for Pastors, midweek service, home groups, or personal study.

Here is an outline of  Chapters 1-11:

  1. Chapter One “Christ in the Candlestick”
  2. Chapters Two-Three “The Perfected Church”
  3. Chapter Four “The Throne in You”
  4. Chapter Five “The Lamb slain opens the Scroll”
  5. Chapter Six “The Lamb slain in the first six seals”
  6. Chapter Seven “Spiritual Israel”
  7. Chapter Eight-Nine “The Seven Trumpets declare a Finished Work”
  8. Chapter Ten “A mighty Angel with a little book”
  9. Chapter 11 “The Two Witnesses”

These lessons come on a flash drive that you may use on your computer/smart car or burn as cd’s.  PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING


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