Charis means grace, kindness & life.  Charis ministries is a para-church ministry that supports leadership in the local church, and works to bring the family of God together.  After 24 years as a Pastor, Roger Legg felt God calling he and his team to a mission.  This mission is unique in that it is a mission to the church.  Charis ministries offers worship support, preaching and teaching support, pastoral counseling and educational materials for the believer.

Roger Legg is a dynamic preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, known for his ability to teach in a prophetic yet practical way. He has a bachelors degree in Psychology from Ohio Christian University and received his Ordination as a minister from Ascension Life Bible School. He pastored Emmanuel Church of Etna for 24 years and in 2016 started Charis Ministries, an ecumenical para-church ministry giving support to help bring the body of Christ together. Charis Ministries offers: worship support, preaching and pulpit supply, educational materials, and pastoral counseling services. In his spare time Roger enjoys spending time with his wife Rhonda and three teenagers Ben, Zach and Tori.